Funny #SoGodMadeAScientist Tweets

February 4, 2013 § 3 Comments

  1. “I need someone who will endure failure, failure, failure in the lab and still not quit.” #SoGodMadeAScientist
  2. It may have taken me 7 days to create the universe but it’ll be a while before you guys figure this stuff out. #SoGodMadeAScientist
  3. God got annoyed watching people admiring the universe without even seeing the coolest parts of it. #SoGodMadeAScientist
  4. “Billions of years ago I made protons…and magnetism. Gonna be wicked cool when someone figures out NMR!” #SoGodMadeAScientist
  5. God realized that the only thing to do with some people was put them on reality TV. But there were no televisions #SoGodMadeAScientist
  6. “I need someone to come into lab at 5 am, start a Western blot, run stats on yesterday’s data, & code behavior videos” #SoGodMadeAScientist
  7. I needed someone to work out that the pork prohibition was about trichinosis…and fix it so farmers could make bacon #SoGodMadeAScientist
  8. God knew DNA looked pretty cool at the EM level, but needed someone to invent an electron microscope #SoGodMadeAScientist
  9. Needed: someone to devote their life to one protein, in one cell type, with no real KO phenotype, and no western blot #SoGodMadeAScientist
  10. I need someone who can look at a harsh world and not recoil in fear but ask how to make things better for all of us. #SoGodMadeAScientist

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