The 12 days of Labmas

December 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

  1. SciTriGrrl
    @AmasianV @DrLabRatOry @biochembelle on a rhyming note: milkin’ = sulkin’? How many 9 postdocs sulkin’ ?@dr_leigh
  2. SciTriGrrl
    @biochembelle @DrLabRatOry @AmasianV the 5th day has to be ” five dead rats”! See how well that fits?#12daysoflabmas
  3. DrLabRatOry
    On the 3rd day of labmas my PI gave to me: 3 bench friends, 2 thermal gloves, and an old book of crystallography @AmasianV @biochembelle
  4. biochembelle
    On the 2nd day of labmas, my PI gave to me… 2 thermal gloves [both lefties] (and an old book of crystallography). @DrLabRatOry @AmasianV
  5. AmasianV
    @biochembelle on the first day of labmas my PI gave to me…

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  • Raj Mukhopadhyay says:

    On the first day of Labmas, my PI gave to me….
    A group of creative science folks on Twitter reimagine the classic Christmas carol. A few select tweets.

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