Cellular organelles get into the election year

October 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

  1. mr_graba
    Students now creating memes to do mudslinging against other organelles. Real scientists joining the fun! #authenticlearning #education
  2. mr_graba
    RT @NuCleanNucleus: #funfact Did you know there’s a foundation devoted to mitochondria’s screwups? I think theres some ice for that burn #iceicebaby
  3. mr_graba
    RT @NuCleanNucleus: @Reticulum_Rocks , when u screw up, you send the person TO the ER! #lol #badsciencejoke
  4. PlasmaMembrane4
    @mr_graba will obviously vote for us, because we are like border control. The harmful things are kicked out, and the good things are let in!
  5. mr_graba
    RT @Reticulum_Rocks: Besties! We work together with the Golgi Body and share chemical products! @wholly4golgi
  6. mr_graba
    RT @Wholly4Golgi: We package your macromolecules up better than FedEx.
  7. mr_graba
    RT @Peroxisomes2012: @PlasmaMembrane4 @Golgi_Body2012 Viruses get inside cells via proteins in plasma membranes
  8. mr_graba
    RT @Lysosomes2012: casually digesting some bad organelles
    #lysosomelife #cellprobs
  9. mr_graba
    RT @Peroxisomes2012: @TheNucleus2012 Red blood cells don’t have nuclei
  10. mr_graba
    RT @TheNucleus2012: Why vote for chloroplast? It is something that is only found in plants. Vote for an organelle found in you, me, and your Dog! Vote Nucleus!
  11. mr_graba
    RT @Golgi_Body2012: If you want a healthy nervous system, don’t vote for peroxisomes. #Golgi2012
  12. mr_graba
    My students are running election campaigns for cell organelles. Creativity explosion in the classroom!

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  • Raj Mukhopadhyay says:

    This is the brainwave of a high school teacher @mr_graba: Ask students to run election campaigns for organelles on Twitter. Some of more entertaining tweets listed here. So Much Fun. @mr_graba teaches AP bio and honors freshman bio at William Fremd High School in Palatine, IL.

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