The 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Twitter

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The 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Twitter

Any time biochemists win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, chemists start asking questions what exactly it means to be a chemist. Here’s how this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka for G-protein-coupled receptors played out on some Twitter handles.

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Nobel: A Quaint Anachronism? Critics find the Nobel committee’s selection rules & categories out of date with science.

Happy to see Biochemists winning in . Need to gray the lines between disciplines to make largest impacts.

But, again, is that saying something about our field, in general? Do we need a jumpstart? Better PR? Better translation?

It’s a collective action problem between “us” and the Nobel Medicine folks. You get 3 bullets max to fire, once a year.

Who’s going to share their pie w/the biologists? Apparently, it’s the chemists.

– Problem for me is the reverse: Why don’t more chemists win for Med, Physics, Lasker, etc? (2/2)

2C) Are we just getting our collective panties in a bunch over this?

‘No’ RT : Question: if we asked Lefkowitz/Kobilka “are you chemists?” What do you think their answer would be?

Probably “No, thank God, otherwise we wouldn’t have won the Nobel Prize”?

And as arguments begin over whether biochemists are chemists, check out my 2009 story on the chem

I want South Park characters arguing over fairness of Nobel chem prize being awarded for biochem. Someone make this happen.

The 2012 Nobel In Chemistry. Yes, Chemistry.: A deserved Nobel? Absolutely. But the grousing has already started…

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